Law Enforcement Grade Computer Forensic InvestigationsE-Discovery Services From New York To New Zealand.

digital dna's Professional Services 

Global Network of EnCE Certified Computer Forensic Consultants
digitalDNA has one of the industry's largest in-network of EnCE certified forensic examiners that operate across the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America. Our consultants are available for immediate deployment to deliver e-discovery & computer forensic solutions.
 Professional E-Discovery & Computer Forensic Services
On-Site, In-lab, or through secure remote connection, our certified computer forensic examiners deliver a customized e-discovery solution to meet your case requirements. Our consultants operate in all environments, regions and have active US Government Security Clearances
Track Your E-Discovery & Forensic Investigations Online
Consolidated and organized its the simplest way to manage your metric reports, document counts and inventory lists, track costs, milestone and tasks all in real time. Opt-in for mobile alerts when your investigation moves from milestone to milestone.