Computer Forensic Data Collections 

If your case is going to litigation you'll want cost-effective, court-validated and forensically sound solutions to identify and preserve electronic data. 

  • Digital DNA leverages proprietary cloud technology that allows us to forensically preserve any computer anywhere in the US in just minutes
  • There's no travel charges and you receive your preserved evidence the same day or next-day
  • The data is always preserved by certified forensic professionals who can also testify in court as experts
  • Each preservation includes forensics report, chain of custody, file listing and computer profile report


Digital DNA supports a wide variety of devices that stores ESI

(electronically stored information) for forensic data collection such as :

  • System logs
  • DVR & Surveillance systems
  • CD ROM’s
  • DVR systems
  • Video game consoles
  • Audio Recorders
  • Video Cameras
  • SD Memory cards
  • GPS Navigation Systems
  • Backup devices
  • Email
  • External Hard drives
  • USB thumb drives
  • Network logs
  • Social media
  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Tablets
  • Phones
  • Social Media
  • Cloud Storage


We 'll Conduct the Forensic  Preservation Anywhere in the World  and There's Never a Travel Cost

Leverage Our Cloud Technology and Collect Data From New York to New Zealand 



Forensic Data Collection Via the Cloud Includes:

  • Self-Collect email for forensic preservation of one computer
  • All connected physical hard drives
  • Your choice of full disk or targeted collection
  • Evidence files delivered in E01 format
  • Verification report
  • File listing report
  • Physical hard drive inventory report
  • Forensics report
  • Computer profile report
  • Track your collection from our cloud
  • Evidence delivered the same day or next day



Forensically Sound and Court Validated. Digital DNA Has a Variety of Options To Preserve and Collect Your Data Including Onsite, In-Lab and Through the Cloud.

Digital DNA experts are able to acquire and preserve data from computers, network shares, removable devices and mobile devices. In addition, we are able to collect and retrieve data from any Mac or Windows computers across the Internet using our self-collect and search & retrieve technology. Using our proprietary technology, we can search and collect from hundreds of computers across your enterprise, or across the Internet including employees’ laptops and removable media, even if they are not logged into your network or if they work from home and we can do the work and deliver the evidence files the same day. These capabilities are just a few ways in which Digital DNA differs from other service providers.


Choose Your Preservation Service Type

Onsite Forensic Data Collections With a Certified Forensics Examiner

Schedule time for a certified forensic examiner to arrive at your location and conduct forensically sound data preservations onsite. The examiner will preserve the devices, run your keyword searches and create the chain of custody. With onsite services, your data and devices do not leave the premises and the work is entirely done onsite. 


Onsite Pickup, In-Lab Data Preservation and Delivery of Your Devices and Computers. 

Schedule time for a certified forensic examiner to arrive at your location to pickup your devices and computers that require forensic preservation and data searching. The examiner will put each device into an evidence bag, create a chain of custody for each device and transports the devices directly to the Digital DNA forensics lab in New York City. The devices can be returned the next day when the preservation has completed and the forensic analysis and reporting will follow in a day or two afterwards. 


Preserve Your Own Data Via a Self-Collect Email

Leverage the cloud and collect more data, faster. This new technology allows you to send an self-collect email to your custodians and you'll receive the evidence files in minutes. Eliminates traveling for onsite manual data collections. The target computers won't require dongles, collection kits, forensic software, servlets or even blank hard drives.  Learn more about Rocket Cloud forensic data collections in our Products section in the menu at the top of the page. 




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