Custom Software Development 

Digital DNA Develops Custom Software and App  For the Cloud, Web, and Mobile Devices

  • Investigative applications for computer forensics 
  • Investigative applications for social media 
  • Malware and rootkit sensors 


Digital DNA develops custom cyber-security & cyber-operational applications for investigators. It’s Small Companies Like Digital DNA That Drives The New Innovative Technologies That Allow Investigators To Identify and Disrupt Fraud and Crimes. 

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  • WIN/OSX/C++/QT/PHP/JAVA/OSX  custom coding and application development
  • Secured investigative applications that can be deployed via mobile devices, clouds, computers 
  • Expedited Services
  • Run your custom app from private clouds and mobile devices via web browser- no software to install

 We specializes in developing custom coded software applications and tools that allows investigators to gather data information, identify faces and objects, perform sensing and ultimately identify and disrupt fraud and crimes. 

It’s the combination of different technologies consolidated into a singleconsolidated, automated, big-data and on-demand applications that are powered by Clouds.  The Clouds allows users to synchronize with each other, search multiple databases at once, share, and create work groups without ever having to install software again.

Powered Collaboration By Clouds Deployed To These Device Types 

  • Mobile Devices
  • Tablets
  • Servers
  • Roaming Laptops
  • Integrated into your existing code
  • IP Cameras




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