Information Assurance

An Information Assurance Scan Will Quickly Determine If There's an Insider Threat to Your Network- Certify Your Network Today

  • Search for contraband or hostile programs
  • Support for 20,000 malicious threats, known to law enforcement 
  • Identification of Trojans, Steganography, Anti-Forensics, Password Cracking, Sniffers, Wireless Hacking and Rootkits
  • Determine if you have insider threats getting unauthorized access to corporate documents 
  • Determine if there any insider threats intentionally / unintentionally allowing remote access to unauthorized users 




Network Information Assurance Service Content Threat Prevention Service: Identification and Removal of Malware Resident on File Shares and SharePoint Environments. 

Digital DNA provides threat prevention that protects content against attacks originating in a wide range of file types. Web mail, online file transfer tools, the cloud, and portable file storage devices can introduce malware that can spread to to file shares and content repositories. DigitalDNA's 24x7  monitoring service analyzes network file shares and enterprise content management stores to detectand quarantine malware brought in by employees and others that bypass next-generation firewalls, IPS, AV, and gateways. 

 The problem of malware resident on file shares, FTP sites and Share Point environments

Today’s advanced cyber attacks use sophisticated malware and advanced persistent threat (APT) tactics to penetrate defenses and spread laterally through file shares and content repositories. This enables the malware to establish a long-term foothold in the network and infect multiple systems, even those offline. Many corporate data centers remain especially vulnerable to advanced, content-based malware because traditional defenses are ineffective against these attacks, which often enter the network through legitimate means. Cybercriminals leverage this vulnerability to spread malware into network file shares and embed malicious code in vast data stores, resulting in a persistent threat even after remediation. 

  • Next generation information assurance monitoring reveals unknown, zero-day threats
  • Content protection critical to halt advanced attack life cycle 
  • Proactive SharePoint Content Scanning and Quarantine
  • YARA-based rules enables customization
  • Malware intelligence sharing

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