Computer Forensics and Cyber-Security Investigations

visualize, identify and disrupt fraud, hacking, data theft and crime

Internal investigations are an essential part of an enterprise security program. When HR policy violations, accounting fraud, computer misuse, theft or other injustices are suspect, corporations and government agencies must be able to investigate these events in a forensically sound and efficient manner. That’s why so many organizations turn to digital dna, the standard for all types of digital investigations.


Big Data is getting bigger and more complex. Learn how Digital DNA analyzes Big Data and generates analytics and powerful visualization charts that allow investigators to quickly zoom in on financial fraud, data theft, hacking and crimes.

Conduct your own forensic preservations from your browser using our online Evidence Collection Cloud. Search and preserve any computer connected to the internet and retrieve the evidence in minutes to your Cloud, network or SFTP account.

Digital DNA can conduct remote preservations and investigations to any global computer or network. The work is preserved, processed and stored on your network behind your locked doors.

Digital DNA certified forensic examiners, litigation support experts, and cyber-security specialists are available for on-site deployments to your location in all global regions and environments. 






Digital DNA Professional Services

Computer Forensics

  • Network Breach Analysis
  • Bulk Remote Forensic Preservations Across the Internet
  • Forensic Data Recovery
  • Social Media Analysis

Cyber Security

  • Information Assurance & Insider Threat
  • Malware Analysis
  • Malware Detection and Remediation
  • Information Theft
  • Managed Cyber-Security Services

E-Discovery Investigations

  • Bulk Searches and Preservations of Remote ESI Sources
  • Email Investigations
  • Timeline Investigations
  • DIY Data Collections of Remote ESI Sources
  • Expedited Services

Custom Mobile & Cloud Application Design

  • WIN/OSX/C++/QT/PHP/JAVA custom coding and application development
  • Secured investigative applications that can be deployed via mobile devices, clouds, computers 
  • License and royalty free - you own the code