At Digital DNA, We Provide Computer Forensic, Cyber Security and E-Discovery Investigations In New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Region

Digital DNA Detects Insider Threats, Identifies and Stops Fraud and Hacking On Your Endpoints, Servers and Network. We Operate Overtly, Covertly in All Conditions and Environments

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Our Services


Computer Forensics

Digital DNA's certified forensic investigators, litigation support experts, and cyber-security specialists are available for on-site deployments to your location in all global regions and environments. 

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Digital DNA has flat rate e-discovery packages that include everything you need including consulting, pickup and delivery, data preservation, document searching and forensic reporting

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Data Collections

Digital DNA uses forensically sound methodology and court validated process to collect e-discovery data collections or forensic data preservations. We'll collect your data fast and without travel charges

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Hacked Computer

Think your computer, network or cell phone has been compromised or hacked? Our Cyber team can identify hacking tools, malware and rootlets on your devices, generate an analysis of the incident as well as determine 

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Our Products


Introducing Rocket Cloud

A cloud platform that's designed to index, search, preserve ESI from computers across the internet and then automatically uploads the evidence back to your forensic lab in minutes
  • Unlimited data collections
  • Preserves Mac & Windows computers
  • Works across the enterprise and internet to any global location
  • Full disk or targeted collections 
  • Sends a self-collect email so there's no software or hardware required for the custodian
  • Cracks Bit Locker disk encryption
  • Bi-directionally keyword searches in 29 languages
  • No blank hard drives required 
  • Simple to use, designed for non technical users
  • Real-time progress and status tracking of all of your data collections in the cloud dashboard 


Buy Your Own Cloud or Sign Up For the Subscription and Start Collecting More Evidence Data, Faster


Rocket Cloud Portable

Rocket Cloud portable has 40 TB's  of storage for data collections and case management. Once connected auto network setup pulls a DHCP address and in seconds its online and ready to login using your favorite browser.  It's size and weight makes it  perfect for staging at the client's location for secured centralized data collection storage. The cloud will send your customized self-collect emails to the custodians and the data collections will automatically upload to the cloud complete with image verification report,  forensic reporting, file listing and chain of custody.

Rocket Cloud For Data Center

Rocket Cloud for data centers can hold up to 270 TB's of case and evidence storage and can be connected to other clouds to double or triple the capacity if needed. The data center Rocket Clouds are powerful enough to allow your whole team to be logged in and working their cases at the same time, while its preserving and retrieving evidence data from everywhere. With 3,000+ MB/s Throughput & 400,000 IOPS, its fast enough to process e-discovery data from the cloud directly - without having to save the data sets to usb hard drives. 

Rocket Cloud Subscriptions

It's forensic data collections as SAAS and there's a monthly subscription plan for every user type.  The free subscription is for forensic consultants and small agencies that occasionally collect and preserve data. Need something more robust? Check out our other plans that include data collections, case management, evidence management, team member management, scheduling and even end of case invoice to send your client. Say goodbye to your manual complicated data collection tools and just tell the cloud what data your looking include the custodian's email and in minutes you'll receive the evidence files 

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